I am available to work overnight.

If you need an extra set of hands during the first few nights at home, I can help.  I can also be of assistance in the hospital after delivery.  Middle-of-the-night feedings can be especially challenging.

I specialize in twins, triplets, and more.

Multiples are different than having one baby at a time. Each baby has its own needs and wants, even in the first hours of life. I have helped a number of families make the difficult and rewarding adjustments to living and managing life with new twins and triplets. Feedings, bathing, diapering, and getting one infant back to sleep can be overwhelming in itself, having another one to add to the mix only intensifies frustrations at times. I can keep the calm (or bring it back) and help your family find balance again.  

Mom, Baby, Family

Monique Kolin, RN, Doula

I love working as a doula - Greek for "mothering the mother". I enjoy sharing my knowledge and expertise with the family, drawing from my background in nursing and childcare. I am primarily there to support the new mom through the process of learning to care for herself and her new infant.  I have found that within moments of stepping into the home of a newborn or newborns (where chaos and clutter have taken over), I can achieve a state of calm and well being for the entire family. I will help ensure that your memories of your 4th trimester are happy ones.

SF Bay Area Postpartum Doula

4th Trimester

I take care of mom, baby, and the entire family.

I have cared for over 1000 infants and children during my career.  As a doula, my main goal is to provide the new mom with support.  This can take a number of different forms:

  • Caring for baby while mom sleeps
  • Breastfeeding support
  • Infant care teaching
  • Bathing the baby
  • Cooking
  • Caring for older siblings
  • Light housekeeping